Heart Contracts! | ?? How To Make Bank 18 ?? | Albion Online Beginners Guide 2020

Heart Contracts! | ?? How To Make Bank 18  ?? | Albion Online Beginners Guide 2020

Heart Contracts! thats right this video will teach you how to do trade missions in albion to make silver. you could make up to 2 million silver an hour with the major contracts, 750k with the medium contracts and 450k with the minor contracts.This is episode 18 in my how to make bank series.
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00:00 – Giveaway
00:08 – How To Make Bank 18
00:47 – Giveaway Winners
01:37 – What Are Trade Runs
02:07 -Types Of Contracts
03:13 – The Equipment
04:40 – Silver Per Hour
05:04 – Example
13:44 – End Screen
14:03 – End

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Heart Contracts! | ?? How To Make Bank 18 ?? | Albion Online Beginners Guide 2020

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